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Friday, September 5, 2014

Be Still

“Be still, my child”
She whispered across the way.
“Be still, my dear,
I’m on my way.”

I held the door open,
Foot nervously tapping,
My mind is moving so fast,
And my lips constantly flapping.

In a hurried frenzy
I share the events of the day.
I speak so loud and fast,
I barely heard her say…

“Be still, my child,
Don’t be dismayed.
Be still, my dear,
For this I prayed…”

This broken road?
I don’t know where to go!
What’s that you say?
This is how I’ll grow?

Growing is for grass,
And this is my undoing!
Down on your knees all this time…
That is what you were doing?

But this wasn’t my dream,
This can’t be real,
Mom, don’t you understand
Just how I feel?

I’m lonely and broken,
The road is unforeseen,
I wanted to stay there forever,
Let nothing come in between.

But instead of me leaving you,
You had to leave me.
Because the nest wasn’t meant to be forever,
And I had to be set free.

But I still hear you in the whispers,
Helping me face the pain.
“Be still, my dear,

For nothing is in vain.”

-Joy Lynn