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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Different Kind of Summer

At fellowship group on Saturday, someone commented that they saw I started a blog but realized there wasn’t any “juicy gossip” in it.  What they meant was they read the title “A New Beginning” and thought I would make a big announcement about my summer plans or moving away or something crazy and it wasn’t to be found………..until now.

Another new beginning, besides my blog writing adventure, is this summer.  My summer technically started this last Tuesday so I am currently on day 6 of summer.  This time last year, I was on Day 7 of Office work at camp and for the last 6 summers, I would be gearing up or already serving in a full summer camp experience by now.

But this….this summer…is a different kind of summer.  In short, because of my full time job as a teacher and all the energy that takes up, I could not continue to work summers at camp full time and then swing back into full time teaching.  These last two summers, I went from camp, to school, to camp, to school, to burnout times one hundred.  But camp is such a dear ministry to my heart……how could I just give it up, all together?

The answer is…I don’t have to.  The first big event on my summer plans is heading out to camp in Maine to volunteer at Christian Youth in Action from June 19-28th.  I’ve participated as either a student or trainer in the CYIA program for 4 years in the past, and they are always the highlight of my summer so I am looking forward to be able to go back and serve there.  I also will head back to Maine for the last full week of July to be a counselor for Teen Week.  So I’m pretty much stoked!  I get to serve in ministry that I love and I still get a good chunk of summer as well to plan and prep for the new year. 

I have already started several mini projects and writing down ideas for the new school year and look forward to three solid weeks in July to focus on school stuff again.  Besides that, hoping to walk/run more, learn to cook for myself more diversely, play some crazy croquet, work on soccer juggling, go berry picking, hiking and knock some shows/movies off my Netflix instant queue. 

I’m off to Maine tomorrow so I won’t likely update til July but hopefully I can give a recap of the ten day training school I am blessed to be a part of.  A new adventure lies ahead for me this summer….what lies ahead for you?  Any special events coming up on your summer program that you are especially looking forward to? 

Until next time,
Joy Lynn


  1. You're coming to CYIA?? This makes me even more excited to go! Can't wait to see you.


    1. Thanks Emily! Excited to be able to go. See you soon! -Joy

  2. I love the part about the walk/run bit! haha! It sounds like a crazy good summer...I hope you find blessings at every turn, and get some good solid relaxing down time, too! xoxo

    1. Thanks Anna! And relaxing downtime sounds amazing...I should try to make some room for that in my schedule, as well! ;-)


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