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Sunday, September 6, 2015

If we...

If with a bit of ink, a heart could be heard,
If with open ears, lines could be blurred,
If we let down our guards and stop building walls,
Maybe we’d be there to soften the falls.

We may never know how close they are to the edge,
But maybe through our investment we can build a hedge,
Because every soul is precious and just wants to be fed,
Truth and love to fight the lies that multiply in their head. 

Cut to the chase and see beyond the skin,
A kindred spirit may be lurking within,
So dig a little deeper and persistently mine,
Diamonds take work and are hard to find by design.

If we put down the paint that’s been making facades,
Maybe we’d be surprised, even if against all odds,
Every soul could be loved amidst the flaws,
Because though love is messy, it’s still a worthy cause.

Joy Lynn