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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Broken Glasses

I woke up this morning,
Reaching out into the dark,
My wandering hand fumbles,
Finally, my fingers find there mark.

I put on my glasses and turn on the lights,
Why does the world still seem dark and not bright?
My eyes open and shut, but still all I see,
Is blurred visions of this image of me.

I shake off the confusion,
Determined to muscle through the day.
I’m consumed with my own thoughts,
Can’t seem to look away.

By noontime, I’ve had enough,
What’s with this sour mood?
Yes, life is hard but if God is good,
Why do I feel so misunderstood?

Over coffee I find an ear to hear,
I share how I want my vision to clear.
I take off my glasses and then my friend sees,
“I think the problem is with these.”

She handles my glasses, gently at first,
I brace myself, waiting to hear the worst.
“Here is the problem….. you can’t see…
Anything but yourself in mirrors like these.”

As she turns over the glasses, I see a reflection of me,
No wonder I can’t see, I’ve been deceived,
Thinking that if I watch out for my own interest,
I somehow would never be grieved.

But with all eyes on me,
I lost sight of God,
Trusting only in myself,
My confidence was flawed.

My friend broke my glasses, and handed me His Word,
“These self-centered glasses need to be nixed.
As you walk through your day,
It’s on God whom you should keep your eyes fixed.”

Here on my knees,
I find my vision restored,
In the good and in the bad,
There is peace when my eyes are on You, Lord.

Joy Lynn