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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Dance of Faith

The Dance of Faith

**Written December 12, 2010**
Step by step, to and fro, round and round this ballroom we go.  The song is soft, my eyes are low, I watch Your feet to see where to go.

 One step at a time, we go back and forth, often forward but sometimes I get off track, 2 steps forward, one step back, and so often I trail, as we go on this dance of faith.

 Listen close, the lyrics sweet, declaring Your endless love for me.  But sometimes I slip, step on Your toes, lost my rhythm and fall down below.

 I ask for a break, "I'll sit this one out.  I'm sure there are others more skilled in this dance...well studied, well read, know the steps in their head...please go ahead, and use them instead."

 I stare at the floor.  I curse at my feet.  "Why, oh why, must you be so weak?  So torn in defeat?”  So instead...I retreat.  Give up this dance.  Give up the fight.  Declare that as the last dance and give up the life.

 But as I catch my breath, sit back and look up, there is my Faithful Partner, not willing to give up.  He washes my feet, He heals the soul/sole.  He takes my hands and pulls me close, and off again the music plays, I lean my head close and seek again to learn Your ways. 

 "Oh, my Beloved, I am sorry I'm slow.  I often lose my step and would rather just let go.  But You keep singing.  You still love me so.  You keep reaching out even when I cower low.” 
You whisper softly, "I'll never let go.  You may stumble, you may fall, but I'll be there, you know?  Trust me, my dear, for I love you so." 

 So once again, we dance the floor.  The music is playing, the lyrics are pure.  You pour out Your love on this dance floor, ministering to my heart and molding once more.  You say, "It's never too late to begin again, my dear, for I care for your heart so hear Me clear.  Though the dance is hard, and the strain is tough, I promise to never push you too much.  I promise to love you.  I promise to stay near.  I promise to never leave you, nor forsake you, so don't you fear." 

 So I begin once more, one step at a time, leaving my past and my sins behind.  I watch Your feet, I step on Your toes, so my feet will follow You, wherever You go.  And off we dance, day and night, preparing for our last dance in Heaven's delight. 

Joy Lynn Chambers

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