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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A bit of an Absense

Not that anybody checks this often, but just as a small update.  I moved into my own apartment a week ago today and I do not yet have internet there and my week at work has been wicked busy, thus a lack of writing has taken place.  But thank you for all the prayers in a smooth transition as I moved and have began a new chapter.  It's been pretty sweet so far having my own apartment, though I have hardly been home to enjoy home booked meals or quiet times alone.  But that'll come in time, I'm sure.

So I just wanted to let you know I did survive and have even thrived in this new chapter.  Thanks for all the support and I will be back soon.  If you want to know how to further pray, I refer you back to this blog post, where it gives my pros/cons that in reality are big prayer requests to adjust to solo living.

Have a great week ahead!

In Christ,
Joy Lynn

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