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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Next Great Adveture

In two weeks, I will have in my possession, a new set of keys.  With this set of keys lies a whole new realm of life, dreams and possibilities.  These keys will open a door to the next chapter (or section within a chapter) of my life and I’m terribly excited…….yes, terribly excited.  Both overwhelmed and underwhelmed….nervous and anxious….pros and cons…..chopping at the bit to start while praying to slow down…..a roller coaster, indeed.

Oh right….the destination, you ask?    I will soon have an apartment to call my own…..To move into, to occupy, to fill up, and to pray over and through in order to be a light in that community, that city and the world.  This is a huge step for me.  I have now lived in New Hampshire 2.75 years (I’m a math teacher….you better believe I’d be that kind of accurate) usually living in some sort of community such as a room in someone’s house that was still occupied or a camp bunking situation.  This last summer, I got to experiment with living on my own some and it had it’s up and downs (see here), but it encouraged me all the more to pursue the next step of independence or “adulthood.” 

I no longer will hear things like “When you grow up and have your own place….” and that’s pretty exciting.  I can invite people over and I will be so close to where I work and go to church, that I’ll be able to walk to both often.  It’s centrally located relatively, being close to many directions I go frequently.  It’s affordable for me in the long-term and financially feasible.  It’s a place to make and call home after being in limbo about that.

So I’ll share with you only two (you can thank me later) of my pro/con debates in my head, because they perfectly signify the battle raging inside of me. 

1.       I get my own space without having to live in direct community.  PRO: This means when I come home after a long day and I’m peopled out, I don’t have to be social if I don’t want to be. I can come home, debrief and go right to bed without entertaining anyone.  CON: This means I don’t have to be social when I really NEED to be social.  When I get into a rut, it’s pretty easy to close myself in and it will be even easier having my own cave to hide in.  SOLUTION: I am thankful for God’s timing and that this apartment move isn’t happening until now.  Though I have lived here for 2.75 years, it really has only been the last half (.5) of my stay here where I have really laid down roots, built bridges in friendship and see my in-real-life social network expand greatly beyond the confines of my classroom.  This school year specifically, for the first time ever, I’ve had to balance school planning and downtime with a legitimate social life with gatherings like game night, dinner out and mini road trips.  So as much as I could go into a cocoon, I’m hoping my network will prove strong in being able to continue to get out and connect with others.

2.       I get to live in the real world.  PRO: For the last two years, I questioned my willingness to minister.  I DO work for a Christian school and do try to minister and love on my teens daily.  But, my sheltered world was made up of the Christian family I lived with, my Christian school that I worked at, and my church that I attend. Besides that, the world was just something I brushed while passing through the line at Wal-Mart or cruising through the drive-thru.  How can I reach the world and love it, if I’m not in it somehow?  How will they see the Light shine in and through me, if I’m hiding with all the other “lights”?  So now, I’ll have the opportunity to live in a complex where I don’t know anyone else and I pray I be a light there.  CON:  I’LL BE LIVING IN THE WORLD!  AAAAAHHHHH!!!!  Haha, ok, maybe not that dramatic, but as a single woman, living on my own is a bit of a scary thought if I think too much about it.  Not having someone to miss you if you don’t come home that night or check in with as an extra safety precaution will be something that hopefully pushes me to greater reliance on God.  SOLUTION: Trust that God will protect me from harm and even if something goes down, it’s not out of His control and is still for His ultimate glory.  Also, to pray and look purposefully for opportunities to be a light there.

And at the end of the day, that’s really what this move has been all about.  Waiting on God’s perfect timing, as I’ve been on the waiting-list for this apartment for months.  Praying that He will keep me safe and secure in His arms knowing that though I may feel alone, I’m not.  Resting in His strength because I can’t do this on my own.  And trusting that not only will He be my company, but He has granted me with many blessed friendships and family ties to keep me encouraged.

Thank you to the three families that have personally hosted me in their households while I made this move and transition to making a home in New Hampshire.  Thank you to my friends that are here and far away, for your support and encouragement.  Thank you for the countless prayers and just being there to see me through.  And most of all, thank You God, for how You’ve seen this whole journey through.  I’m in awe of how my relationship with New Hampshire began, way back in January 2011, and how I came to work at this school and how You placed me in sweet families so I could grow-up some more learning from them, and now You are leading me to lay down roots and make a home.    
This is a new journey, thanks for seeing me through!

Until next time,
By His grace,
Joy Lynn


  1. Yeah for you ! I grew up in the parsonage - so walking to school took about......a minute ! :)


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