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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Sometimes you’ve just got to give up, give in,
Let surrender begin.

You’ve hit a fender, life’s in a blender,
Best to just simply surrender.

Stop fighting for rights and turn out the lights,
You’ve fallen from seemingly new heights.

Rock bottom is cold, no longer feeling so bold,
But at least this solid foundation will hold.

Look up and see, there’s no reason to flee,
You just want to be set free.

Reach out your hand and then take a stand,
Seek the only One who can truly understand.

You’re not alone, even in this combat zone,
Surrender and His grace will surely be shown.

Give up the fight that is fueled solely by spite,
Know that He sees you in your plight.

Surrender my dear, there’s no need to fear,
Know that He’s working even if it isn’t clear.

I know the road looks hard and you are standing firm at guard,
But know that I reach out with the sincerest regard.

But above all, seek God, as I know I am flawed,
But by Him, I am always utterly awed.

I love you, sweet friend, and I trust your heart, He’ll mend,
And I pray that on Him alone should you depend.

Joy Lynn

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