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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brownie Points for the Letter Writers

Whenever the 5 love languages come into conversation, I’ve always said that I firmly believe that my top two receiving love language is words of affirmation and quality time.  Gift giving was only part of my giving love languages…not a reception language but the more I clean/reorganize my room, the more reality is creeping in.

I do indeed dislike the awkwardness of receiving gifts, especially at parties or events where all eyes are on you and you have to say the right thing or smile right or whatever.  I am a slow processor and not super excitable in the moment, so I make a klutz out of gift receiving.  I do enjoy giving gifts though, much more than the act of initially receiving.

But it got me thinking of some of the things I treasured most.  As I went through my belongings, I decided that I like practical gifts, I like meaningful gifts and I LOVE letters/cards/notes/drawings from others.  Gift cards, recipes, and the ever coveted dry erase markers are practical gifts that I cherish and put to good use (except maybe the recipes….I’m trying…thanks for feeding my pile though, Katie!).  When I look at my desk, some of the meaningful gifts that fly right off the shelf are a slab of tree bark that a counselor wrote a letter on for me (CGN 2011), a piece of artwork from both Haiti and Malawi that two different people who went on missions trip brought back for me, a hand crafted ornament with “Hope” imprinted in it, and a hand crafted wooden picture frame and pen made by a friend.  Each one of those things, along with countless others, stand as a testament of something extremely meaningful and sometimes extremely time consuming on the part of the giver. 

But then, if you really want to play a tune on my heart strings, write me something.  I treasure them highly.  Just today, as I was looking through letters that I’ve accumulated in just these last two years, it brought constant smiles to my face and gladness to my heart.  Two folders worth of notes from my students and fellow staff at the school I work at remind me why I love my job.  It has it’s hard moments and lots of life lessons, but I love my job and especially my students.  If I could put all sorts of holes in the wall in my room, I’d post several of their pieces of artwork, encouraging notes and cards all throughout my room to keep my eyes on focus to what God has called me to do.  Then I went through a stack of cards from my summers at camp, both from those I served with these last two years as well as letters from those I had worked with in years past that wanted to write and let me know what I was missing at my last camp position.  Then I had a stack of my dear friends, whom have developed on again, off again pen pal writing over several years.  My friendship with many of these peoples has changed but the blessing they are to me has only grown in time. 


So what’s the point of writing this blog, you might ask?  Well, as I was praying and pondering, I began to tell God that I sure hope my future boyfriend, fiancé, husband is a letter writer.  Bacon is one way to my heart but only a momentary one.  A letter though, can be held on to, cherished, read over and over again, and bring that smile/memory/laugh back for another round.  So brownie points to all the letter writers, the soul penners, and celebrate the gift that God has given to you!

Until next time,

Joy Lynn


  1. Yay! I'm glad to see some of our gifts among your cherished collection! I am not a good letter or card writer, but you've reminded me of why I need to take the time to do that more often. Thanks!

    1. I haven't quite decided what to put in the beautiful frame yet, so I just have the frame displayed as an art piece. Thanks for your impact in my life!


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