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Friday, July 12, 2013

Behind and Beside-a poem.

If I could have scripted it,
It would never have turned out like this.
Right here, right now,
I would never have picked.
New Hampshire, New England,
Practically Canada to me,
Too far, too long,
Maybe only in a dream.

My plan wasn’t Yours,
My dreams didn’t conform.
But You took my heart of holes,
And made me whole. 
Since our journey has begun,
You’ve given me new eyes.
What was once not even a thought,
I now call a blessed life.

You took me from home,
Placed me in a faraway land (2000 miles isn’t a walk in the park, ya know?).
You gave me a wonderful job,
Entrusting me with teenage lambs.
You have given me a home,
Amongst these mountains and hills.
This social network of friends,
Has blessed me a great deal. 

Though life has it’s mountains,
As well as valley’s below,
I thank You for walking with me,
Wherever I go.
Behind me, beside me,
And in front to lead the way,
Thank You for reminding me,
That Your love is here to stay.

Joy Lynn Chambers

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