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Friday, June 13, 2014

My, how the tables have turned…

Just two weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about how I missed being able to randomly connect with people.  I remember in college, spending hours at Barnes & Noble, Starbucks or Hastings in McAllen browsing their selection and would inevitably find someone to talk to.  It used to come somewhat naturally to me.  But something changed since then…much in my personality and also in opportunity/availability.  I mean, I see tons of people in Wal-Mart but Wal-Mart isn’t really a setting where deep conversation takes place and people don’t just generally mill around there either.  They go with purpose and intention so that was a no go.

Well, today was my chance but it didn’t go as I’d ever dream.  I decided to go to Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet because I had a gift card.  I sat down solo in my booth and a few minutes later, an older gentleman was seated at the booth in front of me.  We ended up facing each other even though two tables and a two-sided seat separated us.

As I chowed down, I began to wonder if this was an opportunity to reach out and just small talk.  I wasn’t sure how to break the ice though and soon, there were quite a few others either solo or in groups in the booths around so I just silently ate.  

As I was wrapping up he walked to my booth and asked “so you’re a teacher?”  I was wearing my “I teach, what is your superpower?” shirt that my friends bought me for Christmas.  I said I did and told him what subjects.   He then turned the table and said, “well, I don’t know about your superpower, but I have a Super Power, and His name is Jesus Christ.”  This man was witnessing to me on the spot.  I don’t remember ever being on this side of the table in this conversation.  Sure, I’ve heard Gospel presentations in a church but being a receiver in open air evangelism…I’d never dream. 

Twenty minutes earlier, I was praying and wondering how I could reach out to this man, and in the meantime, he’s scheming a way to reach out to me.  Turns out, he’s a pastor at a local church and had been a Christian school educator in his past as well.  We shared bits of our lives and adventures with Christ.  What sweet fellowship over a table of pizza.  To see that Christ not only saved us but He was still at work in each of us and prayerfully working through us… it was neat. 

He even paid my check.  Now that I still have that gift card, I pray the next time I eat out, I will be prayerful and bold in reaching out to those around me as this gentleman was to me. 

Until next time,
In Christ,



  1. This is so amazing! God always surprises us.

  2. Indeed, He does. He's always working around us but it's neat when He gives us a glimpse into His hand moving and be part of it.


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