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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Never Walk Away--An original and lyrics

Original from 2014

Redone in 2017

Click to play song (if you dare) as you scroll down through the lyrics:

This skin I’m covered in
Is such a frail reminder
As life’s waves come crashing in
I get tossed and turned aside.
But the bruises tell a story
Of a heart close to broken
Would the pain be enough for you to stay?
Or would you turn and walk away?

What if all you see in me,
Is only but the surface?
What if all I aim to be,
Is nothing but a sham?
There’s nothing left to see,
But a heart burned to ashes
Would the show be enough for you to stay?
Or would you turn and walk away?

I’ve never felt so low,
So torn apart now,
A lost sheep is me,
Where is my Shepherd?
I hear You call my name,
Rescued in my weakest,
Would Your grace be enough for You to stay?
Yes, You’ll never walk away.

Now I rest in Your arms,
Safe in my Refuge.
Joy flows through my heart,
You have made me complete,
So I yearn to know You more,
Seek Your goodness,
I pray my faith grows and never strays,
For You’ll never walk away.
No, You’ll never walk away.

Lyrics written and sung (awfully) by Joy Lynn

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