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Saturday, October 4, 2014

lies vs. Truth

What I see in the mirror,
Is not who I want to be,
Sometimes I don’t understand,
Why anyone befriends me.
Every day is a battle,
And some days I lose,
I believe all the lies,
My heart is easy to confuse.
Because it takes in all the negativity,
And gives it weight in reality,
While pushing away positivity,
Often with fierce brutality.

But when I look at His face,
Seek to bask in His grace,
Let the walls crumble down,
And rest in His embrace…
That’s when I finally see,
That the mirror is a liar,
Need to throw it in the fryer
For Your ways are higher.
When You look me in the eye,
You don’t see my sin and cry,
But instead You see Your Son,
Whose blood has drawn me nigh.

So when I am tempted to feed,
On the self hate and lies,
Remind me that
It’s never about how hard someone tries…
I can’t be perfect,
I may not be adored,
But there is beauty in these ashes,
And a heart You seek to be restored.
For my only worth is found in You,
And by You I was designed,
So may I run to the Truth,

And may Your peace I find.

Joy Lynn

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