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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Souvenir's from February 2015

As some of you may remember, I made a list at the start of the year to focus on five goals that I knew would bring memories to tuck away as souvenirs when I think about this year.  This month has proven that I've lost some steam.

A. Shop Local- Didn't happen in February, but I've already fixed that for March so I'm moving onward and upward here.
Sweet Miles

B. House Hop
Six house holds this month, each with at least two different day appearances.  And each stop was so fun.  There was the Super Bowl party, dinner and a movie night, game night, Sunday dinner, a birthday dinner, post Sunday evening service hang out, ladies brunch fellowship, making strawberry muffins and teaching a friend how to make kale chips.  And to end the month off, getting to spend a few days in Maine with one of the best friends and long time mentors anyone could ask for.  Many laughs, good times, and cuddles with her adorable little man who is just over 6 months old.  

C. Legit meal
About the only time I have a legit meal these days is when i get invited to a friends house for a meal.  The second week in February was my most legit week, with pretty solid meals through the week because I was supplied with both chili from Wendy's (I buy three larges and then parcel them out) and home made gumbo from a friend.  After that week, it was back to just getting by on the nights when I was on my own.  So this month, kind of a fail, but that's exactly why this one was on my list to begin with.  Something to shoot for....

D. Trip to Texas
Booked and waiting til April.  Just starting to think of a to do list for when I am down there but I've still got time.

E. Reading
I finished reading "In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?" by Charles Sheldon.  Excellent read, short, to the point, engaging and challenging.  Kind of begs the question, what will I do with the challenge put before me.  Guess time will tell.

Well, that about sums up February.  Hope everyone is enjoying life and making memories that are a blast and will last.


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