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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Brick by Brick (8-14-2016)

Brick by brick
Lay them straight
Edge to edge
So nothing escapes.

Piece by piece
Building a wall
Slather the mortar
So the wall don’t fall.

No windows or doors
Each wall is bare
No moat is needed
For there’s no access there.

Layer by layer
Built strong and tall
In a tight circle
Only space to crawl.

At the bottom of this tower
Is where I laid sprawled
Guarded by brick
A hundred feet tall.

No one can find me
No one let in
I can barely breathe
In this chimney I’m in.

I breathe in the ashes
I exhale the soot
I feel the fire round me
I don’t bother to move.

Let it consume me
I’m ready to go
White flag surrounds me
I’ve lost all my hope.

From the distance a shout
It echoes down in
Pierces my ears
That have been silenced by sin.

“I’ve not given up now
I’ve not given in
I’m here to rescue you
But you’ve got to get a grip…

A grip on the life Savior
I’ve tossed down below
He’s there to save you
But you’ve got to take hold!”

So what shall I do now?
Burn by fire for sin?
Or turn to the Savior
Who desires to live within?

The question is one
We all must answer
For we can’t forever live
Trying to serve two masters. 

So I will surrender,
Confess my sin,
Embrace His forgiveness,

And seek to live for Him.

Joy Lynn

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