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Saturday, September 17, 2016

When Life is Going All Awry

In a dry and dreary land,
I search desperately for Your face,
Nothing is going as planned,
Why did You bring me to this place?

I can’t seem to hear You here,
This storm amplifies all my fears,
I just wish I felt You near,
At least until the dust clears. 

But the wind rises up all around me,
And the tumbleweeds roll,
I clinch my eyes so I can’t see,
But this sandblasting has taken its toll.

You say You’re the well that won’t run dry,
But the only water here are from the tears that I cry,
I settle in and let out a sigh,
I hope my end is nigh.

I bury my head down in the sand,
Avoiding life and stop making plans,
But on my shoulder I feel a hand,
I look up and there He stands.

I see His lips move but I can’t make it out,
His hands reach towards my face and I back out,
He slowly steps forward and reaches round my ear,
With the headphones off, I can suddenly hear clear.

“You traded My voice for headphones of lies,
They sneaked in at first under disguise,
They repeated so much you took them for truth,
It’s been drowning out My voice since your youth.

I AM the well that won’t run dry,
I invite you to come and abide,
When life is going all awry,
If you let Me, I’ll be your Guide.”

This realization did not change my location,
This is indeed a weary nation,
But now I know when faced with complication,
Jesus truly is my salvation.

Salvation that paid the penalty of sin,
Salvation that is Light when the world is dim,
Salvation to sooth the pain within,
Salvation as a promise of eternal life with Him.

So though this world is dark,
He is the Light,
Lord, reignite the spark,
And help me to shine bright.   

Joy Lynn 

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