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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thank you for the Hope you gave me

Thank you for the Hope you gave

What if all you’re asking,
Is for me to be set free,
From the bondage I’m weighed under,
From the baggage unforeseen?

You do not ask for pity,
You do not ask for strength,
You do not seek replacement,
Just follow in your faith.

I thank you for your spirit,
I thank you for your love,
I thank you for the Hope you gave,
In pointing me to God above.

Some days are better than others,
Some days I seem to forget,
I’m living life without a mother,
Who lived a life with no regret.

Each year does get easier,
But each year your voice fades more,
I’m not sure if I should cling to all that’s left,
Or finally choose to close the door.

But one thing I know is certain,
I’m thankful for your legacy,
I cling to the faith you stood firm on,
And like you, I hope they see Jesus in me.

-Joy Chambers

P.S. I'm not a singer or a song writer by any stretch of the imagination, but when I wrote this, the voice in my head was singing it.

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