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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother's Day Tribute (5/11/2011)

A repost from several years ago but seems like a timely reminder once again.  The brevity of life keeps coming to the forefront of my mind with recent deaths and tragedy.  The regret of what was left unsaid can be daunting, so lets be vigilant in showing our love, forgiving easy and living with no regrets.

As Mother’s Day approaches,
I think of yesterdays passed,
All the things I didn’t say,
Are the first thoughts that come back.

A hug after a fight,
“I love you, goodbye”
A kiss goodnight,
All the chances I let slip right on by.

I now look upon my friends,
They frantically look for the perfect gift,
They then ask me,
“What would you get?”

I’m flabbergasted at the sound of this,
Don’t you know, I need not worry about this?
But then I think of what I wish I could do,
Then I softly say...

Tell your mom you love her,
Tell her everyday,
Because you never know what day will be the last
To hear her say the same.

Joy Lynn Chambers

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